Tuchola Forest is one of the most beautiful regions of Poland

It delights with their picturesque landscapes and unique sights and tourist attractions. It is an ideal place for nature lovers as well as those keen on active recreation. Extensive forests, clear lakes and rivers, and wild birds attract tourists from all over the country and beyond. The Tuchola Forest is also a paradise for water sports enthusiasts, canoeists, anglers and mushroom pickers. In addition, there are many interesting places and monuments in Tuchola Forest, such as medieval castles, churches and chapels, museums and numerous nature reserves. It is also worth seeing the unique landscape of Lake Charzykowskie and many other charming places, such as the Wda River, the Brda River and the town of Skarszewy.

The Brda River canoe trail

The Brda River canoe trail is one of the most beautiful and longest canoe routes in Poland. The Brda River, flowing through the picturesque Tuchola Forest region, offers canoeists many wonderful landscapes and opportunities to connect with nature. The trail begins near Karsinski Landscape Park and ends in Bydgoszcz, passing many charming places along the way.

Hiking trails for everyone

Hiking trails in the Tuchola Forest lead through beautiful forests, moors, bogs and to lakes and rivers. There are trails for everyone, from short walks for families with children to long, challenging excursions for more experienced hikers. The most popular hiking trail in the reserve is the Brda River Trail, which leads through beautiful scenery, with plenty of viewpoints, canoe harbours and opportunities to see wildlife. Other interesting hiking trails include: The Wdza River Trail, the “From one forest lane to another” Trail, and the Czarny Kierz Trail.

Bike tours

Bicycle tours are a great opportunity for active recreation and exploring the beautiful surroundings. Our offer includes the rental of mountain bikes — both regular and electric — for our guests.

Movie nights under the stars

Movie nights under the stars are a popular form of entertainment on warm summer evenings. They involve organizing movie screenings outdoors, usually in open spaces, such as parks, beaches or gardens. The audience can sit on deckchairs, chairs or blankets and enjoy the movie under the stars.


Betlejemka is a place allowing for coexistence with nature. Cranes stroll between the houses, beavers live in the ponds where they built their dams, and many species of birds can be observed from the windows of the apartments. In the forest belonging to the settlement, you can encounter salamanders and crossing deer trails. Tuchola Forest is a remarkable land of wild pine forests, among which flow two major rivers — the Brda and Wda.

Their course connects to many of the approximately 900 lakes located in the forest. More than a thousand plant species, including extremely rare and endangered ones, can be encountered in the forests. Because of them, nature reserves have been set aside there. The bogs are home to sundews and unique species of orchids. The forests are not only abundant in mushrooms, but have the richest accumulation of relict plant species in Europe. 

Our forests are a sanctuary for many animals, including birds such as rare grouse, blackcocks, eagle owls, kingfishers, white-tailed eagles, cranes, woodpeckers and black storks. Lakes and rivers are home to many fish. Badgers, polecats, otters, wolves, roe deer, deer, wild boar, foxes, martens, weasels, but also newts, grass snakes, slow worms, lizards and even adders. After dark, numerous bat species go out to hunt.

The Tuchola Forest offers visitors soothing contact with nature, relaxation, oxygenation of the body and a wealth of extraordinary experiences. There are four landscape parks, numerous reserves, the Tuchola Forest National Park and the Tuchola Forest Biosphere Reserve in the Tuchola Forest.