Meeting with nature in Betlejemka settlement

Betlejemka settlement

Years ago, on the northern outskirts of the village of Wielkie Budziska, in the heart of the Tuchola Forest, stood a small wooden hut. Its residents were known for their friendliness, which attracted visitors enchanted by the family-like, warm atmosphere.

The house, where every newcomer felt welcome like a long-awaited guest, was called Betlejemka. Today we built a new Betlejemka on the site of that old one. It is formed by a complex of wooden houses in built with original materials obtained from demolished old buildings. And although the “old” Betlejemka no longer exists, the new one has retained what was most important about it — every visitor will feel at home.

We have prepared 7 luxurious apartments for our guests that are full of atmosphere.

They are found in log houses with thatched roofs and clay walls inside.

They stand in a vast 11-hectare forest clearing that we share with the forest's hosts — the birds.

Visiting the Tuchola Borowians

Bory Tucholskie

The Tuchola Borowians are descended from the Kashubians, and because of where they lived, they were gradually Polonized, developing their own specific culture, reflected in their customs, dialect, regional dress, cuisine and architecture. Difficult living conditions associated with the infertility of the soil and dependence on the gifts of the forest for existence, as well as history, which spared the Borowians from serfdom, developed in the inhabitants of the Tuchola Forests a love of freedom, a strong sense of dignity, strong survival instincts and resourcefulness.

About the Borowians, their history and culture:


Frequently asked questions

Yes,  we require an advance of 30% of the full booking cost. Using the booking system on the website BOOKING ON-LINE you can check the availability and price of the apartment, make a reservation, and get information about advance payment.

The local tax is a fee collected from people staying for more than 24 hours in localities with favorable climatic characteristics, scenic value or conditions allowing stays for tourist and recreational purposes.